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In the unlikely event that you want to get rid of electron tube data books: please don't throw them away, but send them to me.... Many people can benefit from them if added to my tube data book collection.
It would be great to have more mirror-sites for the tube data sheets! If anyone, anywhere has a server, enough bandwidth, and a little spare time to manage things you could host another mirror. I am not able to pay for any costs (I don't earn anything with the tubedata website). Having more mirror-sites will hopefully reduce the amount of traffic per server and provide better accessibility to the tube-data for everyone. We use RSYNC for mirroring.

Requests for information:
Information / datasheet: 45Special=VT52=2C45=38142. (This is not the VT52=EL32 output pentode.)
Information / datasheet: Tungsram O60/1200
Information / datasheet: Raytheon QK410B or ET410 Magnetron
Information / schematics: Philips Frequency Standard GM8039
Information / datasheet: Philips (Italy?) F420 triode
Information / schematics: Part of British WW2? Equipment